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Currency Partnership International is a privately held company focused on the banknote, coin, secure paper, identity, and cash processing businesses. We have offices in the U.S, Ireland, Russia, and Mexico, with local representatives in additional markets where we our business is active. Our executive team is comprised of industry veterans with over 20 years experience.

CPI provides market entry and sales for a variety of world-class security document printers, and related hardware and software manufacturers.

No single firm can do everything best. Today´s successful businesses partner with the best-in-class providers of products and services. CPI´s expertise is in bringing to market the best solution for our customers through systems and process integration. Our focus is not market coverage, but key customer coverage, including Central Banks, Tier 1 Commercial Banks, and top cash handlers.


We are driven by the concept that Performance Matters

For too long, the Currency and Cash industry has been defined by a lack of competition and consequently, mediocre service and inconsistent quality. We believe Customers are ready for a change:

Service costs bear little relation to value delivered
Service model based on a full-time engineer sitting idle 75% of the time makes no sense
Key performance indicators are not aligned with costs or benefits
Too many of the wrong spare parts are purchased and sit in storage for years

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