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CPI´s executives bring decades of experience working in the Cash Processing industry. We provide consulting for cash handlers looking to increase the efficiency of their operations and modernize their technology.   Our CashMaster management software was developed to increase the productivity of cash processing by reducing the idle time of sorting and counting machines, while increasing the level of user-security. For more information, see the CashMaster page (make "CashMaster" clickable and link to the cashmaster page within the technology section)
Problems clients face Cash Sorting Equipment
Service costs bear little relation to value delivered
Service model based on a full-time engineer sitting idle 75% of the time makes no sense
Key performance indicators are not aligned with costs or benefits
Too many of the wrong spare parts are purchased and sit in storage for years
Our solutions and software have been proven to work smoothly with most of the globally know hardware brands.
Our solutions
Align Cost with revenue cash processing
Build risk/reward into the service model
Independently evaluate your machines and system
Recommended cash center process flows in order to obtain maximum efficiency and profitability
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