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In 2012, Goznak supplied banknote paper to 14 countries around the world, delivering the new series to Lebanon. Goznak banknote paper has significant advantages in strength, durability, wear and soil resistance. 

Goznak has patented its IRON FRAME technology in paper-making which significantly increases folding endurance and tear resistance at a substantially lower cost than synthetic or blended substrates. 

Goznak has patented over 25 unique security features for banknotes, none of which have been licensed to third parties. For example:

MOBILE, a Goznak patented thread vastly superior, longer lasting and significantly less expensive than its US-based competition for threads that have an image appearing to be in motion.

HMC, Hidden Multi Color, is an Innovative Security Complex Produced by Goznak, where banknote colors change while tilted and rotated.
Goznak has patented over 25 security features for banknotes as you can see from the enclosed summary.
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