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Circulating Coins

CPI focuses and specializes in the production of yellow plated country circulation coins and blanks, especially those that are copper plated and brass plated.

Goznak mints over 8 billion coins every year coins at the Moscow and St. Petersburg mints, many designed by the artists from Goznak.

Over 40 new collector and commemorative coins were released for the Central Bank of Russia in 2010..." to "The Central Bank of Russia releases about 40 new commemorative coins per year, and they are produced exclusively by Goznak.


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Precious Metal Coins

CPI provides high quality precious Gold and Silver blanks and coins from the USA. Coins can be produced in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and edges to fit your needs.

Goznak and the Central Bank of Russia have released the coins for the 2014 Winter Olympics, which will take place in the Russian Black Sea resort town of Sochi.

Goznak produces unique medals made of precious metals for organizations and governments around the world. This follows a more than 200 year old tradition from the days of the Tsars.


CPI offers coin destruction machines with unique "splitting" technology, a high security destruction process that renders the coin unusable. This modern process is performed by user-friendly machines that have a small footprint and economical price.

Coin Blanks
CPI supplies electroplated coin blanks, including nickel-plated and brass-plated blanks. We emphasize high quality, fast turnaround and attentive service throughout the purchase and delivery process.
Coin Packaging
With our expert partners, CPI provides flexible coin packaging solutions, including counting and sorting modules. We work with clients to determine and customize the best line set-up and packaging output for each case.
Anti Tarnish Solutions
Tarnishing, staining, and discoloration are issues encountered by mints and blanks producers around the world. Discoloration during storage and shipping is mainly due to the oxidation of the surface.

CPI´s CoinShield is a newly developed anti-tarnish solution for coin blanks, minted coins and precious metal/commemorative coins. The "post-treatment" chemistry forms a protective barrier, which minimized the penetration of water and oxygen to the surface.

Our Coin Shield technology was developed by chemists who have created similar electro-plating and post- treatment solutions for multinational corporations across a variety of industries.
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