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Numbers 1 and 2 show coins that were not treated with CoinShield and then put through lab testing to simulate realistic exposure to the elements. The remaining coins were treating with CoinShield and put through the same tests, clearly withstanding tarnishing and damage.
Tarnishing, staining, and discoloration are issues encountered by mints and blanks producers around the world. Discoloration during storage and shipping is mainly due to the oxidation of the surface.

CPI´s CoinShield is a newly developed anti-tarnish solution for coin blanks, minted coins and precious metal/commemorative coins. The "post-treatment" chemistry forms a protective barrier, which minimized the penetration of water and oxygen to the surface.

Our Coin Shield technology was developed by chemists who have created similar electro-plating and post- treatment solutions for multinational corporations across a variety of industries.
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